The Brands of Summer

Okay, we’ve officially had enough warm weather that we’re calling it—Summer has begun!  Knowing that there was sunshine at the end of the snow-covered tunnel is what got us through this winter (and spring) and now we are ready to spend the next few months with our toes in the sand.  A new season means a new flood of exciting inventory at the store and we can’t wait to share some of our favorites to help you get summer-ready!



Spartina has been a longtime favorite for all of us at the store.  Whether it’s a tote for your carry-on or a wristlet for a quick shopping excursion, this brand does not disappoint when it comes to accessorizing your summer.  One standout this season is their poncho, which can be worn poolside or styled for an evening out.


This relatively new line from the Lombara mother-daughter team draws inspiration from the family’s love of the New England coast.  Their goal is to create quality, meaningful jewelry that can be passed down from generation to generation.  We’re so excited to start carrying these pieces, which are crafted in sterling silver and enamel right here in the United States.

Untitled design (6).png


Obviously, we love our Penny.  Heather hasn’t slowed down and has been busy growing the Penny James collection to include the Kayla Cross, Tree of Life, Sea Turtle, and Skipjack.  This line, inspired by personal experiences and living life on the Chesapeake Bay, holds so much meaning to us here at Maertens.  We invite you to stop by and find the piece that holds meaning for you.

Summer is our season!  Make it a point to stop by Maertens and stock up on seaside essentials!

My Kids Have Four Legs!

The next two Sundays are big ones for all of us here at the store-- first Mother's Day, then Breakfast at Sniffany's.  While brainstorming ideas for bringing the blog back and looking ahead on the calendar, the topic we absolutely had to cover was pretty obvious: Gifts for Dog Moms.  If you think about it, it's actually kind of crazy that we haven't blogged about this earlier.  Believe it or not, jewelry for dog moms is something that comes up relatively often.

Dog Jewelry 04.jpg


For more than ten years, Heather Maertens has been creating a special line of jewelry to celebrate our four-legged best friends.  Available in a variety of precious metals, these pendants, bracelets, charms, and earrings are the perfect gift for any pet mom in your life.  Bonus: Proceeds from our Puppy Love (pictured left) and Shelter Dog pieces benefit local animal welfare organizations!


Is there one particular pup who has left pawprints on your heart?  Stop by and tell us about your dog.  Let our pet-loving staff help you find a breed-specific charm or walk you through the process of crafting a special piece with your dog's actual pawprint impression.  Remember, Heather is also a hand engraver and can add your pet's name to just about anything.

Dog Jewelry 01.jpg
Spartina Jewelry 02.jpg


Jewelry for dog moms doesn't necessarily mean bones and fire hydrants.  Even our everday pieces can be a little more dog-friendly, expecially if there's a sweet new pup in your life.  Consider thicker bracelets, shorter necklaces, and stud earrings.  If your family's dog mom likes jewelry with gemstones, stay away from pieces with more delicate materials like pearls and opals.

Our staff is always happy to help you find the perfect gift for the mom in your life,
whether her kids have four legs or two!